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About us

Our company was built beneath the Kostel Fortress. And just like that fortress, we aim to create safety for companies that promise excellence for drivers worldwide. For more than twenty years we have been producing custom made seating systems for the world’s largest automotive brands such as BMW, Ford, Volvo, Land Rover, Porsche and Toyota.

Hands tailor safety and comfort

At Kostelar we manufacture armrests and headrests for over a million vehicles per year.

With skillful and diligent hands of more than 500 sewists, we produce seating systems for automotive interiors unmatched in precision and stitch perfection. Our detailed approach generates products of unmatchable quality, as proudly acknowledged by our customers.

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Our beginnings

Kostel Promet was founded in 2001. Our first job was to make headrests for Renault Clio, in collaboration with our business partner, Johnson Controls NTU. Today, under the new name of Kostelar, we operate as a Tier 2 supplier to major global automotive brands such as BMW, Citroen, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Toyota and Volvo.

More than 52 milion units

We are proud of the fact that since our foundation we have produced over 52 million units, making our own contribution to comfort and safety in as many as 16 million cars.

We are a family business, built on the belief of our founder Josip Štruk that employees are the most valuable asset. From day one competence, diligence and commitment of our employees have been the main drivers of our success.

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