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At Kostelar we produce top quality automotive seating system components, taking exceptional care to minimize even the slightest manufacturing deviations. We specialize in technically demanding components – headrests, armrests, as well as in premium leather product manufacturing.

Details make the difference

Seemingly minute details often make a huge difference to driving comfort and safety. But when every detail is approached with care and dedication, then any potential deviations are reduced to a minimum. Every move, every cut and every stitch is perfect. This is the only way known to us at Kostelar and the guiding thread of our craftsmanship.

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Our products are a combination of carefully selected components based on sophisticated technologies. Vinyl, textiles, leather, plastic and metal parts, sewing thread and memory foam lie at the core of our products.

Every headrest we produce is distinctive and requires a number of operations, which, when carried out flawlessly, generate products of exceptional quality and outstanding ergonomics.

Our competence and experience allow us to produce between 18.000 and 20.000 units, i.e. headrests for 5.800 vehicles, every day. Our annual output amounts to over 4.4 million units, which means that every year we outfit about 1.35 million cars with headrests made to perfection.

Custom made products

Our company is also a seasoned producer of custom made headrests made to suit personal wishes and orders of our customers. We know how to create top quality products that exceed the conventional automotive industry standards. Our custom made orders include leather products dyed to order, ranging from vivid yellow, passionate red, soothing green to elegant white shades, combined with carefully selected sewing thread colors to be paired with unique personalities and styles.

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