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Kostel Promet becomes Kostelar after rebranding

After more than twenty years of running a successful business as Kostel Promet, we decided to give our business a makeover in order to achieve an even stronger global market presence. Therefore, this fall we changed our name and created a new visual identity.

Our new name Kostelar is derived from the name Kostel and the English word stellar (meaning leading, excellent, outstanding). Our name is an epitome of our legacy and persistence, but also of excellent, outstanding quality of our products.

Our company was built beneath the Kostel Fortress. Like this fortress, our goal is to create safety for companies that promise excellence to drivers all over the world. With skillful and diligent hands of more than 500 sewists, we produce seating systems for automotive interiors with unrivalled precision and accuracy. Our detailed approach yields products that our buyers can proudly vouch for.